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University Events General Questions

What is an Event?

A planned gathering or activity that requires preplanning and uses on-campus space or services or uses external vendors.  Can be open or closed to group members and hosted by a campus entity or by a non-UK organization. 

What is not an event?

Regularly scheduled meetings that are closed to UK organizations and/or departments and which do not use internal or external vendors or presenters, NCAA games and practices, and activities that take place at Agriculture Extension Offices.

What is the difference between an event and a meeting?

A meeting is defined as a planned gathering for routine business or operations that does not require services or vendors beyond the use of space and which is closed to group or organizational membership or affiliation.

My event is academic or related to my class. Is it still considered an event?

Academic activities can be an event or a class/exam.  UK defines a class as a gathering of students led by an instructor either on a regularly scheduled basis or intermittently for which academic credit will be granted and is scheduled by the University Registrar.  Closed to registered students and does not include an audience.  An exam is defined as a "Gathering of people or students for the purpose of proctoring a test or examination."  Closed to invited or registered exam takers.

If your activity does not meet these definitions or the definition of a meeting, it is considered an event.

Am I required to get my event approved if I didn't reserve space with the Office of University Events?

Yes. All events on campus are required to obtain approval through the Office of University Events before they can be promoted or space can be confirmed.  As of January 15, 2021, all off-campus student organization events also require approval.

Do off-campus events require approval?

Department events that take place off of university property do not require approval by the Office of University Events. Student Organization hosted events off-campus require approval by the Office of University Events.  Event organizers are responsible for following the University’s code of conduct, HR policies as well as local, state, and federal laws and ordinances.

How do I request space on campus for an event?

Use EMS at, the University Events event scheduling software, to book space on campus. Within this system, clients can search for available spaces and request additional services (furniture, AV needs, etc.)

Who can sponsor an event or meeting?

The University Administrative Regulation (AR 9:1, AR 9:2) limits sponsors of events to university units, officers or registered student organizations, and select alumni groups.

What is an event proposal?

An event proposal is a request for event approval. An event approval is not the same as space approval. The Office of University Events reviews all events on campus for compliance with UK policies and regulations. Through this process, clients receive communication from their Event Manager and/or can check the status of their event in EMS.

What is the difference between event approval and space approval?

All events on campus are required to be submitted in EMS in order to obtain event approval from the University. For spaces that are managed outside of the Office of University Events, space approval will come from the Facility Coordinator. For spaces managed by University Events, you will receive both event and space approvals.

What is a Facility Coordinator?

A Facility Coordinator is the individual responsible for approving the use of space on campus. Facility Coordinators do not always work within the Office of University Events but often work for the building they are managing.

How do I know who the Facility Coordinator is for a specific building?

To find who the Facility Coordinator is for a specific building, email

What is an Event Manager?

An Event Manager works within the Office of University Events. Their main responsibility is to guide clients through the event approval process. If the space that is being requested is managed by the Office of University Events, then the Event Manager will also become the Facility Coordinator.

Event Planning

How far in advance do I need to reserve space?

Event requests may be submitted up to 365 days in advance, but no less than two weeks before the event date. Professional Services (PPD, Production Services, UK Police, etc.) may not be available if requests are not submitted with sufficient notice.

Meeting space requests may be submitted using the following timelines:

  • Summer meeting requests: submitted on or after April 1st

  • Fall meeting requests: submitted on or after May 1st

  • Spring meeting requests: submitted on or after December 1st

Student Organizations are required to submit their meeting requests at least 3 business days in advance

Departments are required to submit their meeting requests at least 24 hours in advance

How long does event approval take?

Event approval processing time can vary depending on the time of year (peak season is August – October and February – April), the complexity of event details, type of facility requested, and the amount of details provided by the event organizer.

Sales/Solicitation will take place at my event. Are there any requirements for this?

Events including Sales/Solicitation must follow the Campus Sales & Solicitation Policies:

  • Approval is contingent upon money generated being given to a non-profit or educational organization or foundation.  

  • For student organizations, funds generated must be given to a charity or credited to the organization’s treasury. 

  • Solicitations for subscriptions, sales of merchandise of any kind whatsoever, publications, or services upon University property other than by the regularly authorized stores, food service places, departments, or divisions of the University are prohibited except upon written permission from University Events.

  • Any person violating these provisions shall be subject, upon proper notice, to eviction from the University property.  (GR 1-N -

  • Students and university employees who participate in the activity may not be personally compensated for their work.

Per HR Policy #63, campus sales sponsored by a university department or college must obtain written approval from the sponsoring organization director or dean.

Are there restrictions on food & beverage providers on campus?

Yes. The University defines ‘catering’ as food that is prepared, delivered, AND served by a vendor. If your event involved a catered meal, the vendor selected must be on UK Purchasing’s approved caterers list.

Food and catering must follow existing university contracts.  Catering in dining facilities is restricted to UK Catering/Aramark (i.e. Bill Gatton Student Center, The 90, and Kroger Field.).  Coca-Cola is the official beverage company of the university.  All university-sponsored events must be in compliance with the pouring rights provisions of the Coca-Cola agreement.

Food provided by the event sponsor and not a caterer may have additional restrictions to reduce the risk of food-borne illness.  In consultation with the Lexington-Fayette Health Department, food handler cards, food service permits, handwash stations, ware wash stations, temperature regulations, and PPE may be required by the Office of University Events.

Do I need to purchase a food handler card or food service permit?

If your event requires one of the organizers to obtain a food handler card or food service permit, your Event Manager will convey that information to you. Typically, a valid food handler card is required for the person/persons who will oversee the distribution and storage of food during an event. You may apply for the card here:

Can I host a bake sale on campus?

Yes. Bake sales are defined as baked food that does not require refrigeration or temperature control but that may include eggs or dairy in ingredients.  For instance, moon pies, pound cake, cookies, brownies. Bake sales must be submitted in EMS using the tabling request template and are required to be submitted at least 3 days in advance. Your Event Manager will work directly with the Fayette County Health Department to get proper approval for the bake sale.

Can I have a food truck at my event?

Yes. UK Dining has the first right of refusal for food trucks on campus. The Office of University Events will contact UK Dining to obtain approval for a food truck. Please note, for a food truck to be present at an event, the event must 1) be closed to a defined group of attendees, 2) the food trucks must be prepaid, no cash handling during the event, and 3) must be on the UK Approved Caterers list.

Can I have alcohol at my event?

Yes. Events on campus can have alcohol at their event if the event is in compliance with AR 6:4 ( Your Event Manager will obtain alcohol approval for your event.

I am planning to bring in an author for a lecture. They want to sell their book during the event. Are there any requirements for this?

Yes.  Book sales must obtain approval from the UK Bookstore even if they plan to use another distributor.  Book sales must be approved at least 7 days in advance per the University's agreement with Barnes & Noble.  Clients must contact General Manager David Lang at to arrange.

Do I need to obtain any documents to screen a film on campus?

Yes. Clients are responsible for completing the video screening agreement form. Forms must include an attachment of the Public Viewing Rights for the film per the Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the US Code). 

  • Public Viewing Rights should include the title, time, date, and location of the film. 

    • If the film is being shown within the William T. Young Library, clients can work with UK Libraries to obtain Public Viewing Rights.  However, a Video Screening Agreement must still be submitted to your event manager.

  • Public Viewing Rights can be obtained through the film's distributor. Commonly used distributors include Swank, Criterion, and Funimation.

Am I required to have security at my event?

UK Police requires all events that take place on University property and determines when and if security is needed. When security is required for an event, UKPD will send a cost estimate to the event sponsor's primary contact. The billing information entered on the request form will be used to bill charges.

How do I request security at my event?

All security requests will need to be submitted through EMS. To request security on the event request, select UKPD in the “Request Details” area. The requests will be reviewed by UK Police.

My final review states I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance. How do I obtain this?

Risk Management reviews all events that take place on University property and determine when and if additional insurance requirements are needed. When additional insurance requirements are needed, clients should refer to their Final Review notice that will be sent by their Event Manager.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) requirements will have standard requirements:

  • $1 Million in general liability insurance is required for the event.  UK must be listed as "Additional Insured."  Certificate holder address: University of Kentucky, 306 Peterson Service Building, Lexington, KY 40506-0005. 

  • A copy of the liability insurance must be submitted to the Office of University Events before the event will be approved.  For assistance, contact Bart Miller at

  • Insurance must cover all preset, event, and strike dates.

Student organizations can request their national chapter or organization to provide a COI for their event

Clients may purchase additional insurance through TULIP. For questions regarding insurance requirements, please communicate with your Event Manager or contact Bart Miller with the Risk Management Office.

My event requires a participant waiver. Is there a sample I can use?

Risk Management reviews all events that take place on campus and determine when and if additional insurance requirements are needed. Participant waivers can be required for your event. Here is a template that can be used to meet this requirement.  Modifications to this template or alternate waivers must be approved prior to the event by Risk Management by contacting Bart Miller at The Event Organizer should retain copies of the waiver for 30 days after the event.

What fees should I be aware of when planning an event?

In general, you should be prepared to pay fees for:

  • Facility Rental Fees

    • Gatton Student Center, Singletary Center for the Arts, Kroger Field

  • Catering

  • Event Staffing

  • Production Services

  • Parking Permits

  • Performer/Vendor Fees

    • External speakers

    • Tents

    • Inflatables

    • Equipment Rentals

  • Physical Plant Division (PPD)

    • Custodial

      • The following may have a requirement for a custodian/charge:

        • More than 50 participants

        • After 2 pm on weekdays

        • Any weekend (after 2 pm on Friday through 7 am on Monday)

        • Any event with food in the Jacob’s Science Building

      • Trucking

        • Tables for outdoor locations

        • Furniture for indoor and outdoor locations where not provided

      • Grounds

        • Waste and recycling

  • UK Police

  • Certificate of Insurance (if required)

Depending on the specific needs of your event and the location on campus you are hosting your event, some or all the above fees may not apply.

When will I receive my bill for space and/or services?

Space and services are billed separately.  Space and service charges are typically billed within 30 days after the event or meeting takes place.  Event organizers may receive multiple invoices if they requested more than one space and/or service.

Who to contact for help

Who should I contact for assistance with my event?

The Office of University Events is located in suite A151 in the Gatton Student Center. The University Events team can be contacted by telephone at (859) 323-8054 or by e-mail at

I have a question regarding the UKPD requirements for my event. Who should I contact?

For questions, contact and provide your event reservation ID number.

I have questions regarding the Risk Management requirements for my event. Who should I contact?

For questions, contact Bart Miller at or (859) 257-3708 and provide your event reservation ID number.

I need parking reservations for my event, how do I secure that?

For questions, contact Brandy Campbell at and provide your event reservation ID number.

Who do I contact to add or modify production services requests?

Contact UE production services at

Who do I contact for help with my EMS account or error messages in EMS?

For assistance with EMS issues, please contact

I have a question about a production services invoice, who do I contact for help?

For assistance with your billing information or billing questions, please email

Audio Visual/Production Services

I have requested event/meeting space and need basic AV equipment (projector, screen & microphone). How do I request this equipment?

University Classrooms include basic AV equipment (computer, projector, screen and microphone). This equipment is managed by ITS AV Services.

All Technology Enhanced rooms (TEAL) come with a projector. Equipment in Technology Enhanced Classrooms are supplied and maintained by ITS AV Services.

Gatton Student Center (GSC) spaces include basic audio-visual equipment (computer, projector, and screen). Premium spaces in the GSC include basic AV equipment and microphones. This equipment is managed by the Student Center Hospitality Team and can be requested through your event manager.

For any space not managed by the Office of University Events, please reach out to the Facility Coordinator for specific AV information.

What is a technology-enhanced classroom (TEAL)?

Technology Enhanced Classrooms include the following equipment: control interface, windows PC (requires LinkBlue login credentials), video/data projector, laptop connection, HDMI auxiliary input, audio system for projector, document camera, and projection screen. Technology Enhanced Classrooms are identified in the EMS request system under room features. The equipment listed is supplied and maintained by ITS AV Services.

Does UK provide WiFi at events?

Yes. All students, faculty and staff can login to EduRoam using their LinkBlue credentials. Guests may login to the Guest WiFi by creating an account with UK when prompted.

What do I do if I need sound, lighting and/or video support for my event/meeting?

ITS AV services provides support for the use of multimedia technology. Traditional classroom equipment and support is provided for the entire campus. Most academic spaces have basic AV equipment already setup in the room. For anything additional, equipment must be picked up by faculty or staff from ITS AV Services. For any questions or issues with AV equipment in academic spaces, please contact For events in the W.T. Young Library contact Sarah Dorpinghaus at

If you need sound, lighting, and/or video support with the in-room equipment or need additional equipment beyond what is standard in the space, Production Services can provide assistance and additional equipment to meet your event/meeting needs. You can contact UEPS at

Who is Production Services?

Production Services is a component of the Office of University Events. They are made up of Production Services Managers (PSM) that work directly with clients on their event production needs.

UEPS provides sound, lighting, and video projection support for all kinds of events, both large and small. From concerts to lectures, movies to plays, fashion shows to press conferences, and everything in between, they provide the technical support you need to make your program a success. They offer great discounts on their services to student organizations and University departments.

Do I have to have a Production Services technician for my event if I just need the equipment?

A technician is required to operate all Production Services equipment.  Equipment will not be rented out without a technician.

What is the difference between AV Services and Production Services?

ITS AV Services supports classroom audio-visual across UK’s Campus.

For in-person sound, lighting, and/or video support during your event, your Event Manager can work with you to schedule a Production Services technician for a fee.

How do I request Production Services?

If you are requesting Production Services for an event on campus, please indicate your technology needs on the EMS web form when submitting your event at  The Event Manager assigned to your event will notify Production Services of your needs. Once a Production Services Manager is assigned to your event, they will be in contact to confirm your needs and provide a cost estimate.  If you have a large or complex event, you can contact UEPS directly at to determine how we can best service your event. 

If you are requesting Production Services for an event off-campus, contact

What services does Production Services provide?

Production Services provides a variety of services that can assist clients in putting on a successful event, including:

  • Sound – Small to large PA systems

  • Lighting – Decorative and performance lighting

  • Video – Video recording, IMAG, live streaming

  • Cinema Projection – The Worsham Theater is equipped with a movie theater quality projection system, complete with Atmos sound.

How far before my event should I contact Production Services?

Production Services should be requested at least one month in advance on the EMS web form.

Larger and more complex events may require additional time. Services requested with less than three business days’ notice may be charged an administrative expedite fee.

How much does your service cost?

The cost of your event will depend on the equipment needed, the number and type of staff required to set-up and operate the equipment, the complexity of your event, and the length of your event. Production Services can provide a consultation and cost estimate at no charge by contacting or 859-257-6617.

UK Colleges, Departments, and Registered Student Organizations will receive a discounted rate.

How will I be billed for Production Services?

An invoice from the Office of University Events will typically be administered within 30 days after the service.  If you are a university department or student organization with a university cost center number, your account will be charged via journal voucher (JV) automatically after the event. University Events cannot accept university procurement credit cards for payments.  If you are unable to provide a cost center number, credit cards (with a processing fee) and checks are accepted.  For billing questions, contact

EMS Requesting Space and/or Event Approval

What is EMS?

Event Management Systems (EMS) is our virtual event scheduling software that allows users to request space. Within this system clients can search for available spaces, request event approval, and request additional services (furniture, audio visual needs, security, etc.).

EMS can be accessed at

Do I need an account for EMS?

An EMS account is required to access the request forms.  Users can browse approved events and meetings without logging into the system. All UK students, faculty, and staff receive access upon admission and/or hire.  Forms appear based on the individual user’s permission levels.  For instance, all faculty and staff (including STEPS employees) receive all the department forms. Only the 3 EMS officers in BBNvolved receive access to book meetings and events.

How do I create an account for EMS?

EMS accounts for Faculty and Staff (all full-time, part-time, and STEPS)  are created upon hire based on the information in SAP.

Registered Student Organizations can have 3 accounts per organization.  These users must be listed as an EMS contact in BBNvolved.  Advisors are not eligible to access Student Organization request forms.

Community Users can request an account by emailing their name, organization, and email address to  

What is a Request Template?

Request templates are another name for request forms.  These templates include different buildings, booking rules, and questions that must be answered in order to submit your event. Each user may have different templates as they are based on the type of account you hold (Student, Student Organization, Department, Community User).

For more information about the different Request Templates, click “About”. To request space using one of the Request Templates you have access to, click “Book Now”.

When submitting my request, the location I selected asked for a setup type. What are the different setup types?

The following are the most common set-up types requested and available on campus:

  • Open Conference

  • Closed Conference

  • Boardroom

  • Lecture

  • Exhibit

  • Classroom

  • Banquet

  • TEAL Classroom

EMS Reservation Details

What is needed in order to successfully submit my reservation online?

Before submitting your request, please have the following items on hand:

  • Description and overview of the event.

  • Event start/end times, as well as the amount of time needed for setup and tear down, (Actual access and tear-down times will be confirmed by UE)

  • Whether or not you will have food and/or beverages at your event

  • What vendors you plan to use

  • Whether you need additional services

  • Billing information 

    • Departments are required to provide a cost center number

    • Student organizations must provide a billing contact

    • Community groups must provide a physical and digital mailing address  

What is the difference between the Planning Contact and the Day of Contact?

The Planning Contact is the person overseeing the submission of the request in EMS and planning the details of the event. They are the person who will receive the invoice, confirmation, and questions about the event from the event manager.   

The Day of Contact is the person who will be physically on-site during the event. This is the person who will be contacted if questions arise while the event is going on.

How do I get my event on the UK calendar of events?

For an event or open meeting to appear on the University Calendar it must be submitted and approved in EMS.  Events and meetings must be a public event type and be in a Review Complete or Approved status to appear.

Where can I find a calendar of events?

The calendar of events can be found at

How do I request the President to attend or speak at my event?

To request the President for your event, please email It is also highly recommended to add this to your request form in EMS so we know his presence will be requested. 

How do I request additional services such as Summer Conference Housing, Transportation Services, UKPD, etc?

Some services can be requested directly through EMS whereas others may require the event organizer to contact the service provider directly. 

The following services can be requested through your EMS submission: Production Services, Conference Housing, Physical Plant Division (Trucking, Grounds, Custodial), Security (UK Police), and Yard Signs. 

The following services require the event organizer to contact the service provider directly AFTER submission of your request: Catering, Parking (Transportation Services), ITS AV Services.

If you have any additional requests and are unsure how to obtain, please contact your Event Manager for assistance.

I need furniture for my event. How do I put in a request?

Physical Plant Division (PPD) can provide furniture, among many other services, for events on campus. They offer staging, tables, chairs, custodial, grounds and electrical services. Please indicate your PPD needs on the EMS web form when submitting your event at Please note that PPD does not provide generators, tents, linens, or round banquet tables.

If you would like to use an external company or bring in your own furniture or services, please Identify the vendors you plan to use in EMS during your meeting or event submission.  Your event manager will contact you to discuss additional requirements and/or tasks to make the use of these vendors flawless.

I will be using yard signs for my event promotion. What details do I need to provide for this to be approved?

  • Image of the yard sign

  • Location(s) the yard signs will be posted (Maps are great for this!)

  • The date the yard signs will be placed and the date the yard signs will be picked up.

  • All yard sign requests are reviewed and approved by the Director of University Events in the Office of University Events. Requests can be submitted in EMS or sent directly to your event manager for review and approval. 

  • Yard Signs must follow the University’s Campus Signage Policy (

EMS Event Status

Where can I see the status of my request?

The status of requests submitted through EMS can be checked at any time.

  • Step 1: Login to EMS

  • Step 2:  through the "My Requests" section of your EMS account.

What does the status of my event mean?

The following is a list of possible statuses which a user will see in EMS with corresponding descriptions:

  • Web Conflict: Two simultaneous requests are submitted by separate users in EMS.

  • Web Request: Online requests received.

  • In Process - Facility: Request is being reviewed by the Facility Coordinator.

  • In Review – Event Team (UE): Request is being reviewed by the Office of University Events.

  • In Review – Risk Management: Request is being reviewed by the Office of Risk Management.

  • In Review – UK Police: Request is being reviewed by the UK Police Department.

  • Final Review: Request has been submitted back to the University Events Office for collection of documents, communication with client, and review of Risk and Police requirements.  

  • Review Complete: All event requirements have been met and event details have been approved. Event has been sent back to Facility Coordinator to confirm use of space and facility needs.

  • Approved: Request for event and space has been approved.

  • On hold: The space is being held to prevent other users from requesting it during the date and time listed. Typically, this is related to a weather call.

  • Declined: Event and space has been declined because the event does not meet the university’s requirements.

  • Canceled: External factors have made the event or meeting unable to proceed such as weather or the event organizer has decided to no longer hold the event or meeting on the requested date/time.

  • Web Cancellation: Event/request has been canceled online by the event organizer.

EMS Troubleshooting

I started to fill out the request form and when I returned to my browser, I was redirected to the login screen. Can you help?

EMS has a "time out" after a period of inactivity of 90 minutes as a security feature. For large events, it is recommended you prepare answers to the questions in advance and/or submit supplemental documents. As long as the webpage detects mouse or keyboard activity on the webpage, the page will not time out.

Can I submit requests via my smart phone?

Yes. Requests can be submitted via desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. However, the website may appear different on mobile devices and tablets.

I see an EMS App is available. Can I use this app to book space at UK?

Unfortunately, no.  The App is not currently compatible with the UK form.

Why don't I see any requests forms after I login?

This could be caused by an issue with your account.  For departments, this typically means there is an issue with your link blue account in EMS.  For Registered Student Organizations, this usually means your organization has either not entered any EMS contacts in BBNvolved or more than 3 officers were listed in BBNvolved.  Listing more than 3 officers will cause your group to be deactivated in EMS until you correct your group in BBNvolved.

I have filled out all the questions and selected the date, time, and space. Why can't I submit my request?

The required fields can sometimes be difficult to see.  Error messages will appear at the top of the window in a red box.  Here are the most often missed steps that cause this error:

Not selecting a space – confirm you have clicked on this icon next to the location name you are selecting. If the plus sign is not selected, the space has not been requested.

Missing a question under the details tab – Multi select questions can be tough to see in EMS.  Review all the questions and make sure an answer is entering for all questions.

Terms and Conditions not checked – At the bottom of the details tab there is a check box for the policies associated with the form you are using.  This box must be checked before you can select submit.

Why can't I select the date I want?

Each web form has booking rules that limit what dates can be selected online.  If the dates do not allow you to book them, it is because they are either too soon or too far in the future.